Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Where is Auramah Valley located?

Answer - Auramah Valley is located 22 kilometres ahead of Shimla and 3.5 Kilometres from the Naldehra Golf Course.

Question- How many homes are you making?

Answer - We are making a total of hundred and ninety apartments, forty - four bedroom duplex's, and twenty-five bedroom villas.

Question - Will there be a club and what facilities would it have?

Answer - Auramah Valley will have a large, state of the art clubhouse, with a spa, heated swimming pool, gymnasium, indoor and outdoor restaurant as well as a cigar lounge, cards room and a movie theatre. There will also be a secured play area for children, along with a tennis and basketball court.

Question- Who are the residents of Auramah?

Answer - In Auramah Valley we carefully select our residents. In fact each and every resident goes through an interview process.We want to ensure that all residents come from a similar value system so that Auramah Valley is a happy and cohesive community.

Question - Who is constructing this project and what is their experience?

Answer - Auramah Valley is being constructed by TCC (Tensing Constru ction Company), the best contractor of Himachal Pradesh. It is a government approved company and an A grade contractor, constructing over a millio square feet in Himachal alone. TCC is well known for its quality and ability to maintain timelines.

Question - How much of the project is already complete?

Answer - As of June, 2016, twenty four apartments, four duplex’s and a villa have been delivered. The clubhouse construction has started and the structure is expected to be complete by November, 2016.

Question - What is the quality of construction and interior material being used?

Answer - We use cement and steel from India's top three manufacturers. Our interiors are from the best brands such as Kohler, Havells, Somany, Nitco, Modi guard, Berger Paints among other similar companies. We only use the best of the best materials.

Question - How will you ensure abundant water supply?

Answer - At Auramah Valley we have made several provisions to ensure abundant water supply. We have a large rainwater harvesting plant which can store over 10,00,000 litres of water. We also have sewage treatment plants which will recycle 99% of the water, which can then be used for irrigation purposes. Besides this we have tube wells and our own source of water from the stream, which is only 2 kilometres below Auramah Valley.

Question- What are the provisions for electricity?

Answer - We have been sanctioned over 2 megawatts of electricity by the government. From our transformers the electricity will run to individual homes where it will be metered, however the residents will be paying the bill directly to the electricity department.

Question- Is there a department store close to Auramah Valley?

Answer - Yes, there is department store inside Auramah Valley with all basic requirements.

Question - Do you provide staff quarters?

Answer - The two bedroom apartments have shared staff quarters in close proximity to the apartment. The duplexes and the villas have staff quarters within their premises.

Question - What is the helicopter service and who can use it?

Answer - Auramah Valley has an aviation club for residents who will own a helicopter through a membership programme. Members will have the option of using the helicopter to pick and drop them off from anywhere in North India at a nominal charge. The flying time from Chandigarh airport to Auramah Valley is twenty minutes.

Question - Who will look after my apartment when I'm not there?

Answer - We have a complete housekeeping team and at least one person will be dedicated to your block. This person will be responsible for cleaning, dusting and carrying out minor repairs of your residence regularly. You will never have any concern on the upkeep and security of your place.

Question - How do you cope with Medical Emergencies?

Answer - We have a 24*7 functional clinic, and scheduled doctor visits every day. There is also a helicopter service that can take you to a hospital in Chandigarh in case of an emergency. Auramah Valley has tie ups with top hospitals across North India. Ownership

Question - How can I purchase a home if I am a Non-Himachali?

Answer - Auramah Valley is a Govt. of Himachal, Town and Country Planning approved project. As per the Himachal Land and Tenancy Act any Indian National can purchase a home in an approved project after obtaining the section 118 permission from the state governme nt. Auramah Valley will help you attain the section 118 permission which usually takes 3-4 months.

Question - Is there an option to get a home loan?

Answer - Yes, Auramah Valley is approved by a number of banks who provide home loans to our buyers.

Home Options

Question - What are the various residential options?

Answer - We have the following options -
Two Bedroom Apartment - Measuring approximately 1200 square feet in carpet area. It has 2 bathrooms, a large size kitchen, living and dining room as well as large balconies. All rooms have abundant natural lighting. The apartment block is fitted with an elevator. We also provide the option to furnish the apartment with a modular kitchen, modular cupboards, as well as loose furniture and fixtures.

Four Bedroom Duplex - The four bedroom duplex measures approximately 3200 square feet. On the lower floor there is a lobby with a large living room and dining room which opens to a lawn or a deck overlooking the valley. The large kitchen is also on this floor, along with the guest bedroom, which also has a large balcony.

The upper floor leads to the master bedroom suite, which has the bedroom, a large bathroom with a separate area for a jacuzzi and a large gazebo. There are two more rooms on this floor with attached large bathrooms. The interiors are of the highest quality and the duplex is delivered completely finished, excluding the electricals and furniture. Upon request a modular kitchen and modular cupboards can be provided at an additional charge.

The Villa - The four bedroom villa has two floors. It is approximately 4500 square feet, and comes with three guest rooms, with attached large bathrooms. The master bedroom suite has a spa, a bedroom, a bath, a study and a balcony. The upper floor has high ceilings with wood cladding. The Villa comes with its own private lawn and independent car park. We also have the option of a 5500 square foot Villa which has its own private pool, movie theatre and a play area. The Villa’s come with their own private lawn and an independent car park.