About the Group

Auramah Valley is being developed by Imperial Realty and Developments, a subsidiary of the Imperial Holding Group, led by its chairman, Mr Manav Singh. The 1000 crore worth group has a number of successful business interests ranging from Real Estate, Air Charter, Aircraft Component Support to Information Technologies. Imperial Realty and Developments, through its promoters, has the largest land bank in the state of Himachal. With an investment of over Rs. 430 crores over the next 6 years, the company is poised to further strengthen its No. 1 position in the real estate sector in the Himalayan ranges. The objective is to enable people to own luxury homes in Himachal, with high-quality construction at reasonable prices.

Manav Singh (Chairman)

The development is built around the concept of wellness, giving residents the opportunity to live a holistic, long and stress-free life. The Group also plans to build a 5-star luxury Spa-Hotel and 3 Boutique Hotels in the Himachal region.

Imperial Holding has had incredible success in just a decade and a half. We believe that this is only the beginning. While each of our group companies is positioned to become a market leader in their respective industries, we will strive to diversify into other industries as and when the opportunity presents itself. The burning underlining desire being, to make Imperial Holding a diverse and profitable conglomerate, run by a professionals, who also create their wealth through the success of their respective companies.