Manav Singh


Manav Singh is the Founder and Conceptualizer of Auramah valley. Under his leadership, Auramah valley has become the Undisputed #1 Development in all Himalayas.

Anil Garg

Director Finance

Anil is the backbone of our accounts team and is also part of the founding team of our group.

Sagri Singh

Sagri Singh

Director Sales

She brings years of experience and has ensured that Auramah Valley remains at the forefront in achieving record sales- Consistently.

Jasmeet Singh

Project Manager

High-quality construction delivered to our clients on time is what Jasmeet aspires to achieve.

Amit Kumar

Digital Marketing

Has put together a dynamic Digital Marketing program which has ensured that we are at the forefront and most visible to our Clients.

Tarun Kumar

Client Servicing

Tarun ensures the smooth working & documentation of all owners and is the point of contact until the time your home is delivered to you.


Hospitality Manager

After your home is delivered, Sahil tends to all your needs to ensure you are living a carefree life.

Manoj Jha

Human Resources